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Carlos Baute Chillin' in the Premio Lo Nuestro Cut

Carlos Baute has been nominated for "Record of the Year", and "Best Male Artist of the Year". I have to tell you, baby boy is up against some stiff competition. Premio Lo Nuestro 2011 will be held on Thursday February 17, 2011 at The American Airlines Arena and be broadcasted live on the Univision Network. The nominees were announced on December 2, 2010 during a live televised show Gala de Nominados, hosted by Lourdes Stephen from Sal y Pimienta and Poncho de Anda from ¡Despierta América! on Univision Network.

Songwriter, producer and musician, Carlos Baute is one of the idols of Latin pop music from an early age has captivated audiences and has achieved high sales around the world with its interpretive power, his compositions, his charisma and stage presence.

His voice and his name is recognized internationally thanks to their hit single "Hang On To Your" single from her latest album of my own handwriting, which broke sales records, both physical and digital, in several countries and simultaneously remained at # 1 on all Spanish-speaking territories, including Brazil where his topic was covered in the Portuguese language.

In Spain, managed to stay in first position for over 43 consecutive weeks at # 1 in radio as in iTunes, making it one of the best-selling singles in the history of that country.

"Hanging In Your Hands Disc Diamond got to be over 1,000,000 digital downloads worldwide. To this day, remains one of the most requested songs on radio in countries like Spain, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic, among others.

Baute said to feel extremely honored and grateful to the acclaimed Spanish artist and one of the most recognizable voices of Spain, Marta Sanchez, for having accepted his invitation to play with him this beautiful song written by the Venezuelan. As a result of this duet, shared an unprecedented success in their careers.
The video of the song also broke records by recording more than 62 million views on YouTube, making digital a phenomenon that served as an engine for promoting Baute around the world. In turn, of my own handwriting received Gold and Platinum in all countries mentioned above.

Behind this success, which awarded him two prestigious awards and multiple nominations Onda major industry awards in music, there is an incredible career that started at 13 years old when he was part of the popular boy band in your country home, Los Chamas, this was his springboard to the world of music.
After achieving fame with the group in different countries, Baute decided to continue his solo career by editing his first records in Venezuela, entitled Origins Origins I and II in 1994 and 1996, respectively. Both productions included folk who managed to put items on top of the charts and the first two albums certified Platinum for the artist.

In 1998 I gave birth to her third album Born To Love, key production Baute life, as it was the first time he participated as a producer with the Venezuelan Yasmil Marrufo.

The album became another big hit for Bautista, the multiplatinum certifying sales of more than 500,000 physical copies, a fact which allowed him to open their horizons and projects in other territories including Spain. Baute was when he debuted as a composer to write the renowned song "Te Quise Olvidar," which was played by the boy band MDO, starting from there singer-songwriter stage. Then it became part of EMI Publishing.

In 2000, Bautista made his second home in Spain where he continued his brilliant musical career and also had the opportunity to explore other areas of entertainment.

The following year she released her fourth album DAME DE ESO, produced by Emilio Estefan and edited in Latin America. This production earned him the Platinum, this time on Spanish soil.
In 2004, a change in Baute professional life when he joined the catalog of Warner Music, released his fifth album DANGEROUS, produced in Los Angeles by renowned Chilean producer Humberto Gatica. From this record, Baute is defined as the absolute authority of all its subjects.

After a resounding success with their previous productions, joins the producer Carlos Quintero to work on their sixth album BAUTE, recorded in Madrid in 2005. In this album, Baute imposes its own musical style that would define the rest of their products thanks to its success "The Gift", which was the subject of a popular soap opera in Chile. With this production, re-certify Baute other platinum in Spain.

Following its success, Baute made countless television appearances, which generated a constant positive feedback from the public, which gave him the opportunity to venture into other areas, such as acting, including a large part in the series "My Adorable Neighbors "(Spain), as important as the host of television programs. Thanks to the sympathy that characterizes each program that had allowed Baute make that connection with the audience who would become his most loyal fan.

In 2006 he released his greatest hits in Spain, composed of the most important songs of his career since his arrival in that country, which also include two previously unreleased songs "You Made For Me" and "Love Alive", composed by Baute .

 In April 2008 comes from my own handwriting, an album that marks a before and after in the artistic life of Carlos Baute, becoming an international star, becoming known in areas never before covered, also made cameos in programs U.S. television, Argentina, Chile and Mexico, among others.

Thanks to public affection Carlos has succeeded in Spain more than 300 concerts in the last decade.
In 2009 he began his international tour, "From my own handwriting, which led him to tour America and perform countless presentations.

During the first months of 2010, Bautista continued his extensive promotional tour that included a special performance with Spanish singer Marta Sanchez in the Youth Awards ceremony in Miami, where he caused a sensation when interpreting back together "Hanging In Your Hands."

Immediately after completion of the promotional tour, Baute locked herself in the study in Mexico to record his eighth album titled LOVE WELL.

Carl Thomas - GOOD LOVE

The new album from Carlos Baute was born during his comprehensive two-year promotional tour for his album of my own handwriting. Baute, without wasting a minute of his time, he devoted himself to writing songs in his performances, tours, interviews and concerts. Dressing rooms, hotels, aircraft and waiting rooms served as a basis for writing more than forty songs. WELL LOVE consists of 12 tracks (10 tracks make up the physical disk, and make up to twelve digital edition)

The album, which goes on sale on November 23 worldwide, shows a singer completely connected to his feelings and his philosophy based on the belief of living the present, the positive shock to any negative situation and above all be happy: "I want that when people hear my album you feel happy. Songs are very cool, but go straight to the heart. "

Without losing their essence and clearly marking its style of music, Baute exudes romance, sensuality, passion, positivity and playfulness in each of his compositions, which ultimately put them at higher love, no matter if you're in love, if you expect to find great love or if you just finished a relationship.

The first single, "Who loves you Like Me" promises to be another success for the charismatic singer, will debut on radio in early October at the international level with a video filmed in Tepoztlan, Mexico and directed by Pedro Castro, a most important filmmakers at this time, who has worked with artists like Alejandro Sanz, Bon Jovi, Alejandro Fernandez and Mana among others.

WELL LOVE YOU was recorded in Mexico City and produced by Juan Carlos Moguel and own Carlos Baute, who is the author of all issues. This is the second time working together, as Moguel produced the internationally acclaimed album of my own handwriting. The Mexican producer Armando Avila was also part of the album to produce two of the songs "Love lunatics" and "I dream I could find."

WELL LOVE definitely will mark another milestone in the extraordinary career of Carlos Baute, whose desire is to continue sharing their music and experiences with this public that has become an international artist.

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