Friday, February 25, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen The Incomparable Phoebe Snow

 I can't remember exactly how old I was when I heard my first song by Phoebe Snow, but I will NEVER forget the song, it was "Poetry Man"

After that, I was hooked! I couldn't get enough...her voice is a s unique as they come. To me it's like the best blend of  soul, R&B, and girl just sings it like it is. What distinguishes a singer from an artist is in their ability to transport you from where you where you would rather be. They have the ability to excite the emotions and the imagination. If you can't that for me then you have nothing to offer me.

I can remember when I got my first iPod, I was frantically searching for Phoebe's music, but they didn't have not one song! How could you not have ANY Phoebe songs! *smh*

Her music has been a mainstay on my iPod ever since, other artists may come and go...but Phoebe....ahhh this woman goes with me wherever I go. Of course now, these many years later, it brings  great smile to my heart to tell you that all of Phoebe's songs are now available on iTunes

When I decided to write this post I started Goggling what was going on with her broke my heart to find out that in January of 2010 Phoebe had suffered a sever brain hemorrhage. The last update that I was able to find was from April of 2010 that said she was doing well and was in rehab. The news broke my heart.

My thoughts and prayers go up for Phoebe...I hope that they find her continuing to do well....after all, she's given so much of herself to others, that love  and gratitude are the only things that we seem adequate enough to give back to her.

Be well Phoebe, Much Love


A phenomenon unto herself "technically inimitable", is how respected NY TIMES critic Stephen Holden describes legendary singer Phoebe Snow.
Composer of more than 100 songs, Snow's "Poetry Man" was her first huge hit, which led to her three appearances on "Saturday Night Live", a Best New Artist Grammy nomination, and the cover of Rolling Stone. She was nominated for another Grammy in 1975, and has released 16 albums. Her most recent album was "Phoebe Snow LIVE at Woodstock".
Snow does approximately 50 concerts a year in the U.S., has performed in Europe and the Far East, and earns multiple standing ovations everywhere. The coveted Snow is also sought-after as a surprise guest-duet singer at her friends' rock, R&B and pop concerts. Some of these appearances have included Cindy Lauper, Roger Daltry, Brian McKnight, Queen Latifah, Paul Simon, Chaka Khan, Donald Fagen and Steely Dan, Levon Helm, Michael McDonald, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, Billy Joel, Michael Bolton, and Bonnie Raitt.
She was born in New Jersey, and grew up in an artistic household. Her mother was a Martha Graham dancer and her grandfather was a comedian. Their love of music contributed to Snow's interest and ability to sing all types, using her multi-octave range, including opera. She was discovered by a record company executive as a teenager singing on a talent night in a Greenwich Village club in New York.
Her awards include the Cultural Achievement Award for New York, presented by Mayor Giuliani, a Don Kirschner Rock Award, several Playboy Music Polls, the New York Music Award, and the Clio Award for her singing TV commercials for Stouffers, and General Foods.
Phoebe Snow had the privilege of caring for her beloved daughter, Valerie Rose, who sustained multiple injuries to her brain at birth, and subsequently needed two neurosurgical procedures and other small surgical procedures within the first year of her life. She was very disabled throughout her life, but her original prognosis had been that she would only survive until perhaps her first birthday. She proceeded to defy medical odds, and went on to live just past her 31st birthday. She lived at home with Phoebe for these 31 years, during which time she was Phoebe's best friend, soul mate, and the love of her life."

The original bio can be found on Phoebe's Official web site. Please pay them a visit!


Linda said...

I am 6 months younger than Phoebe and I have been listening to her and appreciating her music since 1975. She is the most amazing artist and in my book, the best there is! I am 58 years old and I STILL listen to her songs almost every day. I admire her for the devotion and sacrifice she gave to her beloved daughter Valerie. If she ever performs in concert in the U.S. (and I pray she does); I will do all that I can to be there. My prayers go out to her for God's very best. I am very glad that God has placed her in this world for all the joy she brings in her music. What an awesome and amazing lady!

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