Friday, February 25, 2011

Robin Thicke Gives Us Some Thereapy my son asks me, "Mom have you ever heard of the singer Robin Thicke?" of course I said no, but being the music loving teen that he is told me that I would love him.  He said you should get the song "Lost Without You". No big deal, off to my faithful computer to download the song from iTunes. I give it a listen......

It was off the chain! Now I'm hooked! I had to get all the song that were on iTunes! then of course you know I love a good music video, that's when I saw that Robin gives equal screen time to the "Sistas"! This young fella has it going on. He has talent out the wazoo, he can sing his soulful behind off, and he's very easy on the eyes!

My favorite song so far is off his CD that just dropped by the same name "Sex Therapy". I can't psot the video here because this is a family friendly forum and that video is a little too steamy for the kiddies in my opinion, but just right for the mature ladies *SMILE* but I will put up some of his more viewer friendly videos!

That being said, no one can take the part of my heart that belongs to Chayanne...Chayanne Rocks! *WINK*

This is an oldie but a goodie (is it me, or does he look like Orlando bloom in this one?)


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