Sunday, March 13, 2011

David Bisbal - A Torrent Of Energy!

Latin Grammy winner David Bisbal is a talented, humble, and vibrant young artist who has taken the music world by storm since he released his very first album in 2002. In a few short years Bisbal has achieved unbelievable success which must be applaudded as he poured his heart and sould into each and every one of his songs. His passionate, powerful voice comes through full of emotion in his music every time. David began his career back in 2002 with his very first album “Corazon Latino”. This incredible album not only sold over a million copies, but it also became seven times platinum by the summer of 2003 and also won a Latin Grammy. This is almost unheard of for an artist to achieve from their very first album. The song “Ave Maria” was his first single from this album and had phenomenal success. In February 2004 David Bisbal released his second album titled “Buleria” and this album too was a huge success as it turned diamond with more than one million copies sold in Spain alone and becoming the best Spanish seller of 2004.

David Bisbal also released a DVD named ‘Todo por Ustedes” (Everything for you) which contained live registrations and video of some of his concerts in the United States, Latin America, and Spain. “Premonicion” became Bisbal’s third studio album which was released in October 2006. By the end of the first week of sales the album had achieved enough sales to be certified as five times platinum with sales of over 400,000 copies in Spain alone. Now this is what I call true success and his fans showed their love and stepped up and supported him.

David has been very busy lately with his music, tour, and making a video clip for the movie Torrent 4, one of the highest grossing movies in Spain. Below you will see the making of the video clip for this incredible movie and you will see a very different side of David Bisbal. He is playing Joaquin, a very frisky and corky man whose dream is to become a singer. I have translated the different parts of the videos where David and the cast talk and comment and I hope you enjoy it and have a good laugh.

David Bisbal: “I’ve always been invited to many different countries like Mexico and Venezuela, but always as David Bisbal, never to play the role of someone else, and I have Miguel to thank for this opportunity.”
Miguel: “Yes, as another character, but one that sings very well.”
David Bisbal: "The movie has a song named “Here I catch you, Here I kill you”, which I sing and there is also a video clip. You will see the day to day life of the character that I play, his normal everyday life, but then in the video clip you will see my character more elegant and gala-like".
David Bisbal: “Torrente, one of the highest grossing films in Spain”. We are now going to film the video clip for the movie where you will see Joaquin become the singer and performer that he always dreamed of.”
Miguel (singing) : “Here I catch you, Here I will you!
Comments from other cast members: “David, you better shave your head because those cute curls can get you in trouble in the slammer”.
“David Bisbal has so much talent that he really doesn’t need any guidance. You place him in the jail cell, with 100 prisoners, play the music and he will just take over and do a great job”.
David goes into character as Joaquin and says : “Darn everything that moves and if you look at me the wrong way I will hit you like this!”.
Last comment of the video from one of the prisoners”
“If you film me you will end up six feet under”
Then Davis Bisbal said:
“Cut, cut!!!” and breaks the camera with his head.

Here you can see the finished product, the video clip for the movie Torrent 4 by producer Santiago Segura. Enjoy!

And you know I would not be happy unless I translated the lyrics to the song. Why? Because I want you all to know what this funky, fun video is all about. Besos!

Here I catch you, here I kill you!
What do you want from me
Now you come looking
After crying so much
You also want to laugh
You better go with the wind
And take your suffering along.

What do you want from me?
What happened in the past is gone
I no longer hold a grudge
So you better just go!
Because you not only stole my money
But you also stole my I love you’s.

Here I catch you, here I kill you
You used to tell me all the time
And I didn’t see the those daggers
And I looked like a silly, blind man.

Here I catch you, here I kill you
You always said jokingly
And I thought that what we had
Was just a crazy adventure.

People in the street are saying
That you have nothing left
That you are looking for something more
And have no place to sleep.

You better find someone else
Whom you can make miserable
I don’t want to be with you
I am better off without you.

When I think back and think
Of the things you did to me
I was so in love
But that has now passed.

Here I catch you, here I kill you
You used to tell me all the time
And I didn’t see the those daggers
And I looked like a silly, blind man.

Here I catch you, here I kill you
You always said jokingly
And I thought that we had
Was just a crazy adventure.

Ay, ay, ay, I wish you the best
Ay, ay, ay I’ve turned the page
Ay, ay, ay, I never want to see you again!

Peace and Love ;-) Candela


REG said...

My Spanish teacher told me that Bisbal was the second-place runner-up on the 2001-2002 season of OperaciĆ³n Triunfo, an "Idol like" show in Spain. Undoubtedly the media exposure contributed much to the success of Corazon Latino.

Candela said...

Yes Reggie, you are absolutely correct! OperaciĆ³n Triunfo is a reality show talent contest which first aired in 2001. The show was a cross between Star Search, Idol, and Big Brother and its goal was to find the country's next solo singing sensation. So he definitely gained his intial fame by winning second place runner up. I love his voice though, I really enjoy his music!

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