Friday, June 17, 2011

Juanes with two nominations for Premios Juventud

Last month Juanes surprised us all when we heard the news that he was taking a break from music and cancelled three concerts in the US. He suspended his tour in Latin America and also broke ties with his long time manager Fernan. All of this came as a shock to his fans who received this unexpected message via Twitter.

Juanes said: “Of course I am not retiring from music, that would never happen. I have simply decided to take a small break to spend time with my family”. This was the message that Juanes tweeted, followed by other messages explaining what is happening with his professional career. Even though it is not clear as to why he made this decision, Juanes said this to his fans” “I am tweeting you from the studio, I am making music every day, I only need some time to reflect and peace to move forward.” He then said that he had cancelled three concerts in the US but will still perform in Spain in the month of July and will tour Latin America “later on with more assertiveness” even though there is not set date yet. He also said: “My professional relationship with Fernan (his manager) has come to an end, and it is not true that I will go into politics, that is such a joke”. He concluded by saying: “It is true that I lived very difficult moments with this album, it is false that this was my only reason though. Fatigue brings all types of consequences. For all the love and respect that I have for my fans I will tell you one thing that is very true…I love you very much!”

Juanes has a very strong and established career as a musician and his fans support him with every decision he makes. He has sold over thirteen million albums , won seventeen Grammys and received the BMI President’s Award at the 2010 BMI Latin Awards. Not only is he a well known musician but he is also known for his humanitarian work, especially with aid for Colombian victims of anti-personnel mines. In 2006, Juanes performed before the European Parliament as part of a campaign to increase awareness against the use of land mines around the world, including in his native Colombia.

In 2008, Juanes organized a free concert as a response to the 2008 Andean Diplomatic crisis which took place on the Colombia-Venezuela border. In 2009, Juanes held his second "Peace Without Borders" concert in Havana which featured artists from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and the United States. Juanes made a very powerful statement following this concert “"Going to Cuba is a symbol that it’s time to change people’s minds, an opportunity to tell the world that people have to change."

Juanes is nominated for two Premios Juventud this year – Super Tour and My Favorite Rock Artist. As I said before, Juanes’ fans are very supportive and have been there for him throughout his career. I know that they have voted their hearts out and will all be watching Premios Juventud as Juanes will most probably walk away with an award. Is he one of your favorites? He is definitely one of mine!

Peace and Love ;-) Candela


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