Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Will Marc Anthony be crowned as Favorite Tropical Artist in Premios Juventud?

Born in Manhattan, New York on September 15, 1968, Marc Anthony showed his love for music early in life. His favorite type of music as a child was rock but as he grew older his love for salsa, romantic ballad, and pop inundated his soul. Since 1992 Marc has delighted us with hit after hit including "My Baby You" which he wrote for his first child, Arianna, "You Sang to Me", "Everything You Do", "Don't Leave Me", and "I've Got You" just to name a few. He has sold over 11 million albums worldwide making him one of the most influential artists of his time.

Marc Anthony's success has been recognized not only by his fans but also by many prestigious awards. He has won 2 Grammy Awards, one in 1999 for "Contra La Corriente" (Against The Current), and another one in 2005 for "Amar Sin Mentiras" (Love Without Lies). He's also won three Latin Grammy Awards in 2000, 2005, and 2008. And how can we forget his 13 Billboard Latin Music Awards from 1994 to 2008. And last but not least Marc has won a total of 19 Premio Lo Nuestro awards, which doesn't surprise me because Marc is an amazingly talented individual who has worked hard all his life and truly deserves all of these honors.

I still remember his tremendous performance in Premios Juventud back in 2009. It was an amazing performance by Marc and Natalia Jimenez. They sang "Recuerdame" (Remember Me) a song full of love and sensuality. The stage was set up to look like the video and they gave the audience and viewers an incredible performance, one they would never forget.

He also took home the Favorite Tropical Artist award that night and it so happens that this year he is nominated for the same award. I have no doubt that he will once again walk away with the award this year as he has been working hard on his music as he embarks in his tour starting September 2011.

So, let's all watch together on July 21, 2011 as Marc Anthony along with many other Latin artists give us their most brilliant performances and we in turn watch and root for our favorites.

Peace and Love Candela


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