Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tickets for the Viña Del Mar Festival are being sold for double de price online.

Aventura, Américo, Chayanne and Sting are the most sought out artists for whom people are looking to purchase tickets online. 

The tickets for the gallery and general admission for Tuesday, February 22nd are being sold for double the price online.  This is the day on which Aventura, the comedian Mauricio Flores, and the singer Américo will be performing at the Viña Del Mar Festival.

The original value for both locations is $14.800 and $36.000 respectively, but in some places such as the Open Market, they are being sold for $35.000 and $75.000, a price which many people are willing to pay.

This is a very time consuming business.  Many people purchase tickets for these events, such as the Viña del Mar Festival, in large quantities, to then resell them at a higher price online.  This in turn affects the regular public as the shows are sold out a couple of days after they go on sale.

On Thursday the 24th, Chayanne and the reggaeton singer Pitbull will be performing.  The tickets for both the gallery and general admission are being sold for double the original price and there have been cases where people have offered to pay 50 thousand pesos for the tickets.

There are still tickets available for the British singer Sting on the Todo Mercado webpage for 100 thousand pesos, with the original price being $45.600.

But not everything is expensive!  In the Open Market the tickets to see the Puertorrican singer are being sold for 100 thousand pesos, 3.900 less pesos than the original price.

Finally, two new artists were confirmed, the singer Carlos Baute and the comedian Oscar Gangas.  With this said, only one great artist remains to perform on the closing night of the event.  

Media research by Glamor Girl
Article translation by Candela Spirit


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