Thursday, December 30, 2010

Celia Cruz Honored On A Postage Stamp!

In 2011, the United States Postal Service will launch a stamp with the face of “The Queen of Salsa”.  

Once again, the legacy of the ‘Guarachera of America” is being recognized.  The immortal Celia Cruz, whose face will be on a postage stamp that will reach thousands of homes, will be launched by the United States Postal Service in 2011. 

The Cuban singer’s stamp is part of a series of stamps commemorating those who have done great work in areas as diverse as politics, sports and arts. Among the honorees, whose faces have been recognized in these stamps are: Ronald Reagan, Mark Twain, Gregory Peck and Carlos Gardel, among others.

The singer of "Rie y Llora” has already received some well-deserved honors, including the exposition “Azucar” which was exhibited at the National Museum of American History, of the Smithsonian Institute.  There was also a street named in her honor in the town of Union City, New Jersey, and a park named Celia Cruz in the same town.   According to Omer Padillo, who was her representative, the only tribute that fails to meet the "Queen of Salsa" is "to erect a statue of Celia in Central Park, New York, a city that gave she gave so much to”.

Celia Cruz and her “Azucar” made millions of fans around the world dance to her music.  The singer died at the age of 78 in Fort Lee, New Jersey, after losing a battle against a long illness.

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