Monday, January 31, 2011

Natalia Jimenez launching new solo album in April!

I am sure by now most of you know who the talented Natalia Jimenez is right? If you don’t then I will tell you a little more about this amazing singer whose voice makes anyone feel the same passion she feels when she is performing. The first time I heard Natalia’s voice was when she was the lead singer in a group named 5ta Estacion (5th Season). Her voice captivated me as she sang a song named “Algo Mas” (Something More). Just like her voice, this song had very powerful lyrics as it talks about how she felt much more than a connection with that special person. She describes “the one” perfect relationship in which everything feels so perfect, almost as if you have known that person for an eternity. I then started to listen to her other songs and realized that this was a very different and talented singer and that her voice would eventually stand out and she would become a major super star.

Natalia has united her voice with many talented singers such as Marc Anthony and just recently with Ricky Martin. This past November, right after performing at the Latin Grammy’s with Ricky she announced that she was working on her first solo album. According to, Natalia is thrilled that this album will be released this April and she is counting the weeks, days, minutes to the launching of this very special creation.

Natalia has been very supportive of Ricky Martin and she is focusing on his success but never neglecting her new project. In an interview by Natalia happily stated “It's Ricky Martin and I am very happy for him, and also happy for the fact of restarting my career a soloist.” She also stated: “I'm hysterical, my God, it’s unbearable. It's an album that will contain 12 songs. They are all mine except for maybe four, I’m good at rock, pop, the ballads, but I also wanted more Latino flavor. I made a little tribute to Venezuela, Colombia, all South American countries which in the past I have left a little with abandoned, "she said enthusiastically.

I am sure this album will be amazing because Natalia puts a lot of love and passion into her music. When you have a chance listen to some of her songs and I know you will feel her deep emotion. As of right now her single is supposed to be released sometime in February and the album will be released in April. So if you are ready to be live a passionate adventure that will leave you wanting more, then check out Natalia’s music as I am sure it will leave you wanting more!

Peace & Love!

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