Friday, January 28, 2011

Ricky Martin Records A Special With Wisin & Yandel And Other Friends(Translation)

 Translation By Candela Spirit
Media Research Fantasia

"As a prelude to his brand new concert tour, the singer Ricky Martin presented some of his new songs in the recording of the first MTV Latino, Studio Tr3s.  The recording was made late Monday in the Comtel Studio in the city of Miami.  The artist, according, projected himself on stage very sensual, explosive, and with an undeniable Boricua flavor.  

At the conference, he was accompanied by guests of his new production Music + Soul + Sex, Wisin & Yandel and Natalia Jiménez.

With exponents of urban music, the Latin pop star fired up the fans with the theme “Frio” (Cold)  while the voice of La Quinta Estación reached a rather more romantic version of  “Lo Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tu” (The Best Thing About Me is You).

"I feel important because it is the most different song in this album, the song that opened the cd when Ricky took his first step out into the world and recognized how he felt and I think I'm part of that. For me it is historical, I'm part of it, "said the singer after her participation.

Wisin, on his part, recognized the need for this type of musical collaborations. "I think it's an issue that will give much to talk about. These combinations are what gives strength to the music”, explained the Univision Music reggaeton singer.

This program, which airs in the U.S. on February 12, will mark the beginning of this platform, in which Latino figures may present their work, while sharing views on a question and answer session. Ricky Martin answers questions touched by colleagues such as Juanes, Pitbull and Rene Perez of Calle 13."


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