Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thalia, "Primera Fila" At The 2011 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards

This year Thalia has been nominated for "Best Female Artist Of The Year" in the 2011 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards.  

During the course of her extensive career, Thalia has performed duets with Joan Sebastian, Yandel, and Henry from "Aventura....she's even done a duet with Elvis! Yes I said it, Elvis. Thalia did a cover of "Love Tender", one of Elvis Presley's most famous songs
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Thalia records her new album live and places her fans in the first row, hence the title “Primera Fila,” in order to share her latest dream with them. Revealing her talents, she does without makeup and special effects to show herself in the most pure artistic expression possible. The evolution of her almost 30 years career takes her back to basics: an artist, her music, a stage and a raw sensibility.

“All my life I had the intention, the desire, to do an album like ‘Primera Fila.’ With great songs, that are really worthy, and with the best musicians, to express myself as a singer,” says Thalia. “But I never found the partners, the allies that I needed to turn this idea that I harbored deep inside my heart into reality.”

Thalia is a cultural icon, of social influence and collective admiration. Pioneer, queen, crowd favorite, businesswoman, writer, radio and TV hostess, actress, mother, daughter, sister, wife and stellar friend.

As the undisputed queen of soap operas in Spanish, or telenovelas, her characters have been idolized by over 2 billion people throughout the world.

Thalia also has sung in English, Filipino, Portuguese and French; she has spanned various musical genres, including pop, rock, banda, dance, R & B and bachata. She has sold over 25 million albums worldwide, placing among the Top 10 many songs that today are classics of her career and of our time.

Queen of the carnivals in Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Fiesta Broadway (in Los Angeles, California) and the Festival de Viña del Mar in Chile, her image has been immortalized in paintings and sculptures, with her own figure in Mexico’s wax museum.

She has received the keys to over 50 cities around the world, and has also been named as a distinguished visitor in many other places throughout all the continents. In several towns, a “Thalia Day” has been declared more than three times. There are over 120 clubs in existence in her honor, spanning some 150 countries around the globe.

As a businesswoman, she has set records in sales of sunglasses, clothes, candies, perfumes and lingerie, all carrying her name. As a hostess, she has done shows in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. She has graced the covers of over 12,000 magazines internationally, and has received over 1,000 awards, both as a singer and as an actress, including awards such as Billboard, Grammy, Lo Nuestro, TV y Novelas, MTV and many others.

            With all these accomplishments, taping an album live in front of an audience was a great challenge, one which she totally conquered. And the proof of that shall be seen in the CD and DVD of “Thalia en Primera Fila.”

            Paul Forat, SVP of A&R for Sony Music Latin America, explains the reasons behind this unprecedented collector’s album: “It has been the most challenging project in my 12 years at Sony,” says Forat. “I felt that it was only fair that the public and the media could see beyond the famous character. I knew she had a wonderful voice, and that at this point of her career, she was ready to sing with the intensity that these songs require. That’s what ‘Thalia en Primera Fila’ is all about.”

 This is Thalia’s 16th album, and it was recorded at the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables, Florida. Thirteen musicians accompanying her, three days of rehearsal and two recording sessions resulted in a 13-track CD and DVD.

The album includes duets with well-known singer/songwriter Joan Sebastian (“Con la duda”) and with Pedro Capó (“Estoy Enamorado”), as well as two songs of Thalia’s own inspiration (“Cómo” and “Ya lo sabía”), in which she joined forces with Leonel (former vocalist of the Sin Bandera duo). It must be mentioned also the amazing interpretative quality that she conveys to songs written by Reyli (“Enséñame a vivir”), Juan Luis Guerra (“Cuando te beso”), Ricardo Arjona (“Mujeres”) and one of her favorite ones, (“Qué será de ti”), known worldwide in the voice of Roberto Carlos.

Featured also in “Thalia en Primera Fila” is a medley of her hits such as “Entre el mar y una estrella,” “Piel Morena,” “No me enseñaste” and “Amor a la Mexicana,” dedicated to her always loyal fans. “I couldn’t resist honoring all those that with their unconditional support have helped me write my history,” she says excitedly. “They made these songs real, along with my dreams. I can not forget those first songs, just like I can not forget any of my fans.”

The first single of this new album is called “Equivocada,” and it is already playing on radio. Authored by Mario Domm (vocalist of the group Camila) and María Bernal, it is a heartwrenching ballad that speaks of the pain caused by a breakup.

“It’s a wake-up call, an eye-opener, something that will shake anyone who listens to it. It makes you reevaluate right away whether you are happy… or immensely sad,” says the singer about her first single.

With “Thalia en Primera Fila” and “Equivocada,” Thalia gives us a taste of her 2009 evolution and proves once more why she is a worldwide star. That’s why Sony Music is proud to welcome to its family of artists Thalia, a Latin American pop singer of major international significance.


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