Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ricky Martin Will Answer Your Question - Whatever it is!

There is no doubt that this will surely be the Year of Ricky Martin.  With his highly anticipated album Musica + Alma + Sexo  (Music + Soul + Sex) being released on February 1st, I have no doubt that he will dominate the radio waves this year. is giving you the opportunity to ask him whatever you'd like.... YES.  WHATEVER YOU'D LIKE.  So.... What are you waiting for??!! Click the source link below to submit your questions.

Thank You Fantasia Chayan for the great media research! ;-)

Ricky Martin is in Your Hands
Translation by Candela

Ask him whatever you like!

Ricky Martin opened himself up to the world, to love and now he will open himself to you completely, because you will have the opportunity to ask whatever you want to the Puerto Rican singer and he'll answer.  So, think of your best question and post it here.

Ricky is about to launch his new album Music + Alma + Sexo on February 1st.  And if you want to know how he came  up with this title, or anything else you might want to know about the singer, this is your chance!  For now, the Puerto Rican singer promotes the first single from that album, Lo Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tu, the Spanish version which he sings with Natalia Jimenez, and the English one with Joss Stone.

A few days ago the music video of this song was released, where Ricky is shown enjoying life and extolling that all are equal.

Recently, the Puerto Rican singer confessed details of his personal life in an exclusive interview with Maria Elena Salinas, Where he said that after a period of silence, he could finally look in the mirror and confront himself.

“I think I got rid of many things, for example, one’s ego, who will simply not let you be, always worried about what people will say.  You have to stop being or just be firm when it comes to a situation of not being accepted, it really would not let me live and vibrate to some extent”, he said in an interview.

Now it’s your turn to learn all about him!


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