Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rain and Good Music Go Hand In Hand

I don't really know what it is about gray rainy days that make you just want to curl up with a rally warm blanket, pour yourself a cup of your favorite war, beverage, turn on your favorite tunes and just contemplate let your mind just wander.

For some reason, day like that make you want to slow things down a can at times be like a runaway train and we're just doing our best to hang on...... For today, I decided to leave you with two of my faves and a newbie. Chayanne (of course). Alejandro Sanz, and newbie Alex Cuba.

"I Learned To Love The Rain"
I love the music of the morning
as rain drops
beat out their rhythms
on my bedroom window panes.

I have heard that beat before
under tin roofs
in faraway jungles,
where lonesome young warriors,
not understanding
the rhythms of the rain,
nor life,
cried to that beat
of that falling rain.

Now, that I am laying here
next to you,
I have no fears.
No anger.
No worries about bombs
or tomorrows.

I have learned to love
that rhythm of the rain.
I have learned to love you.
I have learned to love me.

So, I am satisfied
just sleeping here with you,
while listening to the falling rain
and the beating of your heart.

I have learned to love both.
as if somehow,
they were only one,
and not separate hearts."

So with that said, I'm leaving you today with some of my rainy day music pics for today....

~ Peace

And of course none other than......


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