Friday, March 25, 2011

Ricky will be singing among family!

He not only promises to bear his soul as an artist, but the Puerto Rican star Ricky Martin undresses his own desires, fantasies and even his spirituality this Friday after rising a modern platform at the Coliseo of Puerto Rico for the premiere of his tour Musica + Alma + Sexo.

"What I am presenting today are my wishes (when I say my wishes to me is social welfare) my fantasies are also going to be present, I will present my calm within the party and the carnival, " reported yesterday the artist in an encounter with the press.

Dressed in a t-shirt, cargo pants and leather sandals, the singer confirmed there will be a nude, as suggested in recent days through his Twitter account. Visit Ricky Martin’s special Everything and More, “ I was naked all day filming videos for the show, but I'll leave it there, all with class and all very artistic and my intention is not to embarrass anyone," said the singer, who is a bit nervous about the proximity of the release.

"One always has anxiety in the first show and even more when it’s your country, although it’s a type of pressure that as anrtias I enjoy, it’s almost addictive, but I have nothing to worry about because it’s Puerto Rico, my people, and the love and respect is more clear,” said Ricky with a very relaxed look on his face.

Here is a video posted on where Ricky talks about the first concert of his tour.

Musically, the concert will be a tour of his career, beginning with his first solo album, Ricky Martin and will have a total of 23 songs. "The most important aspect of this concert is that I want to have fun, I have three and a half years without a tour and it will be very musical and it will be very spiritual, very sexual too, why not, to do justice to the name of the tour and album," said who Ricky who this time will have more presence in the choreography that will adorn the songs. "I know all the choreography, the fact that I will follow it, I don’t know because I haven’t really follow a choreography since I was in Menudo. I will come and go as I please. At the end of the day I think the audience will dictate where I will be the most," he said. The concert will have a theatrical touch and will be divided into four seasons, ranging from the "eighties" to "cabaret".

Ricky will be accompanied by a band composed of 10 musicians and his eight dancers, including two Puerto Ricans. Three other dancers are from Miami, three from Los Angeles, and one from New York. Others who will accompany him, perhaps from the stands or from the dressing room are twins Matthew and Valentino, who have accompanied him during the rehearsal process. "They're always here, sitting next to the drummer, because they are obsessed with the drums," he said while adding that when he finishes singing, his kids shout "Bravo!". His boyfriend, Carlos Gonzalez, will also be part of the loved ones who will accompany him. "For me personally, this is an event and obviously for my family as well, everyone knows how important this is to me, even beyond being my tour, it’s Puerto Rico and I want all of them present there, " said the 39 year old artist. Just recently a video of the artist’s participation in the GLAAD awards started circulating and for the first time he publicly salutes the financial analyst as his partner.

In this concert, the lighting will play a role. According to the tour manager, Veikko Fuhrmann, 100.000 pounds will be used in equipment and of these, there are 25,000 channels of lights. Many of these were brought from Italy. "A world of music, theater, dynamic and fantastic" will be what is projected on the stage which is 120 feet, according to the description of Churry Lafuente, lighting designer, who has worked with the singer for 11 years now. Production costs are estimated at four million dollars.

Even though we don’t know whether it will be through music, film or theater, Ricky does not look at this tour as his farewell to the stage. "There are many experiences that must be present either with or without music and to give them in massive form, I think that New York will help me a lot," he said in reference to the year that he will live in the Big Apple while performing "Che Guevara" in the musical Evita. For this characterization, he is not yet fully prepared. "When everything flows, when the stage is all ours as they say, we will then begin to work hard, but I have the necessary time to mount the show Evita and I want to eat up that stage," he said. Musica + Alma + Sexo will be is presented in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. Closing is planned for November or December and could come back to Puerto Rico.

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