Saturday, April 9, 2011

Julieta Venegas Returns to Chile After 3 Year Absence

After 3 long years of absence, Julieta Venegas get ready to bring Otra Cosa, her 4th studio album, to Chilean soil.

Following the success of a tour through the United States, Julieta is getting ready to win over Latin America.  On May 6th she will present her show at the Teatro Caupolican located in the Capital city.   With her will be the same 5 musicians which recorded the album Otra Cosa with her in Mexico and Argentina.  But Julieta won't stop there.  She will follow the show in Santiago de Chile with presentations in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Venezuela to finish off the tour in Latin America.  After this... it will be Europe's turn as she will play Spain at the end of May and Benic├ássim (Spain) and Germany in July. 

From personal experience, I can tell you this much... Any one at a Julieta Venegas concert is in for a real treat.  I cannot even put my finger on it.  It is her sometimes satirical lyrics?  Her great vocals?  Her 'kookie' way of dressing sometimes for shows?  Or is it the way she comes alive as the first note sounds off her accordion?  The answer is probably as simple as:  It's a combination of all.  You cannot explain true talent.  It just is and we should just sit back and appreciate its beauty. 

I have been fortunate to experience this live with Julieta during her last tour in the USA 3 years ago.  I even got to meet her during a CD signing.  I giggled like a little kid. I've always been more prone to listen to and love male artists, but Julieta stole my heart as soon as I heard "Yo te quiero, con limon y sal  (I want you, with lemon and salt)" Come on the radio... and not just because it made me think of a delicious margarita. Teheeehee. 

If you are a lover of latin music, then please.  You must check out Otra Cosa.  You won't regret it.


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