Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Tigres Del Norte and Friends"

Los Tigres del Norte are a creative social force, a prominent voice in the Regional Mexican genre and a voice of social conscience and complaint within the Latin music in general. Globally known as "The Voice of the People" once again shows they are and will continue to be Los Idolos del Pueblo. Just a few days away, on April 19th you will be able to hear their first release from their MTV Unplugged album called “Tigres del Norte and Friends”. This single was recorded by Tigres del Norte beside the golden girl Paulina Rubio. This is Paulina’s his first appearance in the music, after she became a mom to beautiful Nicolas earlier this year. The first single from unplugged de Los Tigres del Norte will be “Golpes al Corazon” (Blows to the Heart). Here is a preview of what the song “Golpes al Corazon” sounds like sung by these amazing artists. The audio was recorded by a fan who was lucky enough to attend this recording!

Other artists that participated with the Tigres del Norte in this album are Juanes, Diego Torres Zack De la Rocha, Calamaro, and Calle 13. According to some of the songs that will be included in the album are “La Jaula De Oro” (The Golden Cage) with Juanes, “La Mesa Del Rincon” (The Table in the Corner) and "Quiero Hablar Contigo” (I want to speak to you) both with Calamaro, “Somos Mas Americanos” (We are more Americans) with Zach De la Rocha, and “La Buena Suerte” (The Good Fortune) with Diego Torres. The material will go on sale on May 22 worldwide, involved about 30 musicians in order to give it a special touch, commented Jorge Hernandez, leader of Los Tigres Del Norte.

So if you are a fan, and even if you are not, check out this new album because it will surely have a little bit of everything and will be to everyone’s liking.

Peace and Love ;-) Candela
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