Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm into you, by J.Lo - Sexy and Hot!

Jennifer Lopez better known as J.Lo just released her new music video “I’m Into You”. Things are going so well for her lately as she releases her new album “Love?”, yes with a question mark. She was asked why the question mark after the word love and according to an interview on Today with Meredith Viera J.Lo answers like this: ““Everybody knows why. It’s funny. Being in such a good place in my life now with babies, with my relationship with Marc [Anthony], I’m able to look at it in a different way and examine it,” Jennifer said. “For me, the question mark is really about always questioning yourself when it comes to that. It’s the one thing we all need, we can’t survive without, every living thing.”

Another question that she is asked is to clarify the rumors about she and her husband doing a Latin version of American Idol. J.lo said” “No, no. We’re doing a show with Simon Fuller who created American Idol, but it’s a different type of show,” Jennifer explained. “We’re going through Latin America to put together a Latin music show where we just scour — it won’t be an auditioning type of show. Not that type of thing.”

The video was directed by Melina Matsoukas, a very talented director who recently did Rihanna’s S&M and Beyonce’s “Move Your Body”. The video was shot in Mexico and it shows the singer on the beach with the hot telenovela heartthrob William Levy. Jennifer Lopez gets very sensual and frisky with Levy, but who can blame her….he is absolutely gorgeous!!! There is a part of the video where J.Lo shakes it solo at the step of the breathtaking Chichen Itza as Lil Wayne raps – but the rapper never appears in the video.

Life can’t get any better for this beautiful 41 year old entertainer. She is happily married to singer Marc Anthony, has two beautiful children (who by the way are already modeling), is a judge in American Idol and was recently named “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World”, by People magazine. Doesn't get any better than that right?

Here is J.Lo’s new song and music video…enjoy!

Peace and Love ;-) Candela


Pandora said...

Now this is AMAZING! Way to go! Much Love! I can't wait to get the album.

Candela said...

Thanks...isn't William Levy a hottie? Loved the video!! Thanks so much for your support sister! Muah!

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