Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sade...Timeless Perfection Digitally Remastered

How do you improve something that's already perfect....As for the woman herself, there is nothing that can be our should be done. Sade is a beautiful woman inside and out. If you look at her face now as compared to the beginning of her career, of course you can see the very slight signs of life that are showing on her face, especially the great smile lines around her eyes....and Sade wears them like a crown of glory, her beauty only enhance by their presence.

So what has been improved? Some of her songs, and how have they been improved with technology of course! Sade's digitally remastered, "The Ultimate Collection" is out today! For those of you who already have Sade's hit's then thru iTunes, you can simply choose the new songs that  you don't have, and for you newbies, you can down load the entire CD. There are 29 songs on the CD, the cost on iTunes is $17.99.....but my suggestion, even if you already have all or most of Sade's songs there's no harm in down loading them again and getting a fresh, smooth sound that your older tacks might not have.

So download this fresh new spin on some great classics as well as the killer remixes of some of hew new hit from "Soldier of Love" featuring Jay-Z on "Moon and the Sky", and the Neptunes on "By Your Side".

As for me...tonight, I'm going to cuddle up next to the one I love, share a glass of wine, listen to some Sade and.......Whatever! LOL



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