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Xandro Leima's Following His Dreams

Translations and Editing: Bariloche

Xandro Leima’s first interview with Pandora’s Caja was just about one year ago in November 2010.  I’m even more excited now that I was then, if that’s even possible. When I learned that Xandro’s new album had dropped, Persiguiendo un Sueño, there was only one logical thing to do… Immediately purchase it and ask him if he would please do another interview with Pandora’s Caja.

This time we wanted to take the interview to a bit more of a personal level and learn more about Xandro Leima, the man; his hopes, his desires, his love, and all of the things that inspire him.

Pandora’s Caja:  Hola Xandro! First let me just say thank you for giving us a second interview with you! All of us at Pandora’s Caja are extremely excited about your new album.  What was the inspiration for this album?

Xandro Leima:  My inspiration?  To be honest with you, the songs I have written on this album like Nadie Como Tu, (Nobody Like You), Bailando en la Playa (Dancing on the Beach), or Complices (Accomplices), have been inspired by the person who today holds my heart and that some of you may have recently met on FB.  She is my companion in this difficult adventure.  Although we are not married eh?! (Laughs)  The song that summarizes what I feel for her perfectly is Nadie Como Tu.  It is one of my favorites on the album.

PC:  The title of the album is Persiguiendo un Sueño (Chasing a Dream).  Did you choose it?  Can we take a literal translation as to why this title was chosen?

XL:  Yes, I titled the album so, because it reflects perfectly what I am living today.  I continue to fight through the many difficulties that come about even more so when you don’t have a great discography to back you up like the great artists do.  But I am always thankful with God for all I have.  He gives me the “dream” and I limit myself to pursue it.

PC:  The song “La Culpable has a “love song from yesteryear” feel to it and with your voice it sounds amazing. Would you ever consider doing covers of the classic love songs, something like what Luis Miguel did that propelled him to a being an even bigger star than he already was in the 90s?

XL:  Truthfully, so long as I continue to have songs like La Culpable (The Guilty One) I think that I will not need to re-record any old hits.  Undoubtedly the formula worked perfectly for Luis Miguel with the boleros, but I prefer to sing new songs like this one.  La Culpable is a very special song for me, since its composer and producer is one of my greatest friends, Jose Manuel Alvarez, with whom I’ve shared my start in the music industry and my teenage years.  The album also has another of his songs No Hizo Falta (It Wasn’t Necessary), which is beautiful as well.

PC:  You have a duet, Complices on this album with the stunning Latina singer Danielle Mulder; tell us about your collaboration with her.

XL:  Well she is not Latina, she is from Holland!  (Laughs)  But she has the strength of a Latina!  It’s been beautiful working with her, since here in Holland she is very popular.  She is a backup singer to one of Holland’s greatest stars, Rene Froger, and for me it has been a complete honour to have her collaboration on my album.  Besides being beautiful and charming she is an excellent singer.  I enjoy myself very much on stage with her.  We have chemistry!

Our apologies to Ms. Danielle Mulder; we will definitely need to learn more about her!

PC:  You also made a music video for the song Complices as well! What made you decide to go with the western theme for the video?

XL:  That was Zeno’s idea, my producer.  He proposed to do something different... western style and I told him “Well, in Spain we have one of the best stages for it!” and to Almeria we left (laughs).  That’s where you find many of the great stages were Hollywood movies have been filmed... and I think the results were spectacular!

PC:  My favourite song from the Persiguiendo un Sueño album is Incompleto Tell us about your concept for this song?

XL:  I can tell you a lot about this song.  When I heard it for the first time, I fell in love with its melody, strength and meaning.  When I recorded it with my voice I felt that it connected perfectly with me and without a doubt it is also one of my favourites from this album.  Although the lyric is somewhat sad and I love to sing to love, in this occasion I decided to express how hard it is to live without that love.  That love that fills you up inside, be it from a spouse or a family member or even God himself.  And I felt the need to “warn” about the risks that come from feeling “incomplete”... without love.  The authors Jesus Leon and Paco Leon, both from Malaga, are great friends of mine.  I tend to sing it live during my shows... it’s a complete delight.

This must be the magical “something’ that Xandro sang into the song that made me love it so much. My ability to understand or speak Spanish is limited, but I knew there was something that made me connect with it from the first time that I heard it. Well done Xandro!

PC:  You have formed an incredible artistic connection with DJ Cuzco. You have collaborated with him on three club remixes for this album; Margarita, Te Voy a Dar, and Complices.  What it was like working with DJ Cuzco?

XL:  Working with Remko (Dj Cuzco) can be summarized in one word.  SPECTACULAR! (Laughs).  It is the first time that I work hand in hand with a Dj and it has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my career.  He is the most positive person I have ever met.  If one day you feel depressed, contact Dj Cuzco and you will see how fast your mood changes! 

Club music if done well is so much fun. The Dj Cuzco re-mixes are off the chain! The personalities of both Xandro and Remko come right through.

PC:  Let’s talk about your two part video concept for Margarita.  I fell in love with the concept of the two part video.  I felt like I was watching a mini-movie.  How did you develop the concept for a two part video?

XL:  The idea of the continuous story from one video to the next dance version video was mine.  I thought it would be genius and original.  It’s not like we are showing anything new.  Boy meets girl... boy wants girl... But the end result was very beautiful.  Both are very different, one is elegant and summery while the other is nocturnal and rhythmic.  To say the truth, I love the videos.

PC:  During our last interview, we briefly spoke regarding an American and Latin-American crossover. Do you still hold to these plans or will you focus once again on Europe with this new album?

XL:  The truth is that I have not closed my doors to any country and if a promoter becomes interested in me and taking me on tour to America or Mexico, Brazil, Argentina... I’d gladly accept because what I desire most is the warmth of my audience and I think performing live is one of my strongest suits.  Besides, I love to see new places and new cultures.  The internet has made the world a very small place. 

If Xandro does have the chance to do a concert in the U.S., you can all rest assure that all of us at Pandora’s Caja will be there front row center!

PC:  We’re learning so many wonderful things about Xandro the artist, we also want to know about Xandro the man. You seem very much a romantic. Tell us what to you would be the perfect romantic evening?

XL:  For me?  It’s simple.  A night at home, slumped on the couch next to the woman I love, both of us covered by blanket (if it’s winter or you live in Holland of course!), while watching a romantic movie... It’s something I practice very often because I am a homebody and I don’t like to be up late at night very much.  A candlelit dinner with a great wine also! (laughs).  I am very typical (laughs)!  But for those of us who are romantics, simply sharing space with your beloved each day becomes the most romantic moment.

Who said that romance is dead?  Xandro, do you have a brother….a slightly older brother? *wink*  I dared not ask during the interview!

PC:  And speaking about romance, those of us who follow you on Facebook have noticed the presence of a very beautiful young lady that has you grinning from ear to ear! How does it feel to be in love, especially when your job is to sing about love?

XL:  It is the most beautiful feeling I know... feeling “complete”, get me?... (Laughs)  I am not one to talk much about my relationship because I think it’s very personal and I already share a lot about myself...But at this moment I needed to express what I feel towards her, maybe because of sometimes being apart or maybe because of the current situation and topic about the crisis and the difficulties of receiving your livelihood from music.  I am very happy to have shared it with you.

You may have never met Xandro personally, but if you’ve had any interactions with him at all you know how genuine, sweet and caring he is.  That being said, there’s no question in my mind how special his lady love must be to have captured his heart.

PC:  Would you ever leave your career, either momentarily or permanently for your family?

XL:  Well, I think I am at the point of no return... meaning I would not be able to leave music for anything in this world... Maybe in a professional level, yes... but I would still continue record songs and sing in local places... But I have never thought of it really and I hope I will never have to choose.  It would be very difficult for me. 

PC:  If you were not an artist, what profession would you be? Where would you work?

XL:  An Archaeologist.  I love history, especially the history of civilizations... I’d be an Indiana Jones!!!  And if I could do it now, I’d be a biblical archaeologist.  I’d love to find evidence of all that’s narrated in the Bible.  If I were a multimillionaire, I’d invest in expeditions to Israel, Persia, and Turkey... It’s so exciting!!!

Excuse us while we go imagine Xandro as Indiana Jones... We think it may look something like this ;-)

PC:  You officially moved to Holland last year, and the people seem to love you. Talk to us about living and working in Holland.

XL:  It’s difficult because of the language barrier, but other than that it’s been great!  I love the people.  They value talent and that’s very important for me.  Everyone in Holland is very musical and they love good things. 

PC:  Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans around the world?

XL:  That I am infinitely thankful for the support!  And that I need them more than ever.  I know many hearts are already occupied by other great musical artists… but I only ask that you leave just a little space in it for this man named Xandro Leima, because for those of us who do not have it as easy as others do, it becomes very difficult to continue to sing and I hope you continue to support me by purchasing my albums and my songs… And if you are ever able to, come to my show… you won’t be sorry you did!  I love you my friends! May God bless you all!!!! And I leave you with an open invitation to discover Persiguiendo un Sueño… you will love it!

I’m very particular about whom I let into my heart, and Xandro earned his place a very long time ago. If you open your heart’s door to Xandro just a little bit… before you know it, you’ll want to swing it wide open to let him in completely and have him stay forever.

Thank you Xandro!  Your openness and your willingness to share yourself with us is simply magical and lets us love you even more.  Karin! What can I say?  Thank you for all that you do to help bring the world more Xandro, and for being there for PC *HUGS*

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