Sunday, January 15, 2012

La Oreja de Van Gogh Returns to New York!!!

There are literally no words to describe the excitement that comes with the anticipation that after so many years of absence, a change of lead singer, and 3 amazing albums, La Oreja De Van Gogh will return to New York City in a one-night only concert that is sure to exceed all expectations. 

I remember the first time I saw them in concert.  It was November 2006.  General Admission at the theater near Union Square.  With my friends Oscar and Rocio by my side, I screamed, I singed, I almost cried (hopefully no one noticed that) as every song performed was followed by what I proclaimed to be “My favorite song EVER” each time.  I stood outside that theater for probably about an hour in the cold just to bid them adieu.  And that I did.  They were even nice enough to give me their autograph.  Well… I got everyone’s except for Amaia’s but I was satisfied.  That first time for me, was also the last.  Shortly after, in 2007, the announcement came that Amaia was going solo and the fate of LOVG was to be unknown. 

Still… through all the rumors and anxiety, I waited patiently as all loyal fans do for the return of my favorite band.  And that day finally came in July 2008 when in a press conference Xabi announced Leire Martinez as the new voice of the band.  And with that announcement came a performance of the song Jueves that in all honestly brought tears to my eyes.  Listening to that performance today still gives me chills in all the right ways.  Without a doubt, Leire’s voice is comparable to that of an angel.  Not only that… but her sound with the band and the songs, made it more than apparent that this is where she always belonged.  It was her destiny.  The release of A Las 5 En El Astoria (first single was El Ultimo Vals) came soon after and finally, we had new tunes to sing along too.  Unfortunately this tour did not bring LOVG to the USA.  The band re-recorded many of it’s greatest hits in grand style… not only recording with a symphony but making them all the more better with new arrangements in the album Nuestra Casa A La Izquierda del Tiempo (Our House to the Left of Time).  And now, the release of Cometas Por El Cielo (Comets Through the Sky) brings them back to New York!  Oh Thank you Lord!

The concert which will take place on January 26 at the Grand Ballroom Manhattan Center is sure to be a success.  I will be there for Pandora’s Caja to bring you an in-depth concert review.  I promise to try and not be biased just because I love them so much.  How can I not love them, in the last album Leire sings the phrase “Vestiran las calles, cientos de cerezos en flor” (the streets will dress in hundreds of cherry blossoms in bloom)… and if you must know one thing about me, is that besides Chayanne and La Oreja de Van Gogh, my favorite thing in this world is Cherry Blossoms.  To make the evening even more exciting, I have a backstage pass that I am hoping will be honored prior to or after the show (I purchased this through the official LOVG website, the special edition of the album... while supplies lasted) to meet the band.  My Goodness… I don’t even know what I would say to them.  I better start drafting something up.  J 

Stay Tuned for my review of the concert and please stay tuned to Bariloche’s Music Box where I will be translating their beautiful music to English for all the non-Spanish speaking fans. 

I don’t know how to stop adoring you….


eric zamora said...

SOOOO EXCITED! La oreja is the best! I saw them the day before the NY concert in Chicago back in 06. Can't wait for next Thursday!

Bariloche said...

You and me both Eric!!!!!!!! Te veo alla!

Offir Vidals said...

I'm very excited as well for the CONCERT!!!! Does anyone know details about when the VIP passes will be honored? Before or after the show?

Bariloche said...

I'm not sure I plan to get there very early to see how it's going to be organized. I think probably after the show.

Offir Vidals said...

Thanks for the reply. I would think they would do it after the show but not really sure. I saw on their video cam sessions that they will honor the pass for 2 people. Did anyone else hear this?

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