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Let Amaury Gutierrez steal your soul with his music!

Amaury Gutiérrez is a brilliant Cuban singer-songwriter whose music comes from his soul. Amaury was born in Cuba on September 9, 1963 and became a choir director but deep down in his heart he always knew that wanted to be a singer. From the age of 17 Amaury began to compose music and the day that he fell in love for the first time his took a romantic style, one that only Amaury Gutiérrez possesses. He also learned to play the guitar and today he cannot live without it, wherever Amaury goes you will hs guitar by his side. He went as far as working as a choir director but unfortunately in Cuba directors and teachers were not allowed to pursue a career as a professional singer. It was for this reason that Amaury would escape to other towns at night to sing and live these incredible moments that would fill his heart with happiness.

In 1989 Amaury obtained work as teacher and was able to join the group Ensamble and open for a show in a Jazz festival. He was so so lucky to be able to begin his career as singer-songwriter with the group Afrocuba a few months later. Exactly on February 14, 1993, his dream of leaving Cuba became a reality for the singer and he was able to travel to Mexico. He began to appear in different clubs in the city and one night Jesús López, the president of Universal Music listened to him sing and was very, very impressed. On the same night Mr. López told him that he would sign him with his record company.
In 1999, he launched his first album called "Amaury Gutierrez" with the record label Universal Music which was nominated for the Grammy Awards and sold more than 600 thousand copies. This album also received the Premio Ola in Spain. This was a very special year for Amaury because the famous British group Sting asked him to open their concerts in Miami and Tampa. This was something very special for Amaury and he could believe this was happening to him.

In 2000 he recorded another album called "Piedras y Flores" and in 2001 he recorded "Alma Nueva". These two albums were recorded in Mexico, a country who Amaury feels very grateful to, for the warm welcome they gave him, and all the support the Mexican people have given to his music. Gutiérrez never forgets a very special person, the actor and singer Jaime Camil, who gave him his first acoustic guitar. "He and his dad helped me a lot in Mexico when I needed it most and I will never forget it."

In 2003 Amaury Gutierrez arrives in the United States. In just 3 short years he succeeded in recording his fourth album which he titled "Pedazos de Me". This album received a Grammy nomination and Amaury feels that it is one of his best albums. Amaury also received another nomination for the coveted Grammy Award for the song "Nada Es Para Siempre" which was recorded by Luis Fonsi. Gutierrez said, "I think it is a great album and I hope it forever remains as a fan favorite". Amaury received the Latin Grammy this past year for this album in the category "Best Album of singer-songwriter".
The great talent of Amaury Gutierrez has gotten him very far. He has written songs for very recognized and important artists such as David Bisbal, Luis Fonsi, Noel Schajris, Cheo Feliciano, Mijares, Alemán Montero, Jaime Camil, Pandora, Paloma San Basilio, Reyli, Luis Enrique, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Willy Chirino, Alicia Villareal, and El Grupo Limite, just to mention a few.

This video was recorded with Luis Fonsi and the name of te song is "Llueve Por Dentro"(Rains Inside).

Amaury Gutierrez is a very humble person, with both feet firmly on the ground, and with much love for his fans. He lives grateful of the support that they provide and always shows them this appreciation. Amaury only wishes for health to continue writing and singing. It is my humble opinion that Amaury Gutierrez will continue conquering with his music, stealing hearts, and writing beautiful songs which will steal your soul.

This video is with Antonio Orozco and the song is "Se Me Escapa El Alma"(My Souls Escapes).

With his first Grammy on hand, Amaury's music will continue to break down borders and I am sure that he will receive many more awards because he very well deserves them. Right now, Amaury is in the process of composing new songs and will probably delight us with a new album very soon! If you like romantic music, the type that comes from the depths of the soul of an incredible composer, then I invite you to them to listen to Amaury Gutierrez' music. His music will make you feel many emotions and you will end up in love with life and love itself, elated by the beautiful melody and his unique voice.

And lastly I would like to share with you my favorite song from Amaury Gutierrez. The name is "Lo Mejor Que Hay En Mi Vida" (The Best Thing In My Life). This song stirs many emotions inside of me every time I listen to it. I love the fact that Amaury writes with his heart and soul and this is reflected in the lyrics of his songs. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Peace & Love ;-) Candela

Amaury lives forever grateful to his fans so why not follow him on Twitter, he would love that! ( @Amaurygoficial ) He is very active in that forum and always responds with much affection. Follow him today!

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GITANA said...

Bravo Candela! Amaury Gutiérrez no solo es uno de los mejores cantautores de habla hispana y ganador de Grammy Latino 2011, es también Un sehumano increible lleno de dulzura y sencillez con un corazón inmenso por eso cuando canta hace que se nos escape el alma, gracias por usar el poster que hice para "La Bohemia con Amaury Gutiérrez" en Face Book para tu lindo ecrito. Bendita sea tu presencia en esta tierra Amaury Gutiérrez!
Un abrazo amiga.

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