Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alejandro Sanz And Alex Cuba 360 Degrees of Latin

Alejandro Sanz La Musica No Se Toca September 25, 2012
Alex Cuba October 2, 2012 Ruido en el Systema

In the past few months I have been getting my groove on to some of the hottest Latin music that I've heard since the release of "Solas Con Chayanne".

Alejandro Sanz has long been a favorite of mine and a constant staple in my playlist rotation. Over the last year Alex cuba has joined the ranks of Pandora's favorites. Both albums are a sweet pleasure to all the senses. Put them together and there is no style, no flavor that isn't touched.

Alejandro Sanz released La Musica No Se Toca on September 25, 2012. This is his 9th studio album, his first in three years, and he never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think you've heard it all, he reaches deep inside of himself and releases more of himself.

La Musica No se toca has 14 tracks including a bonus track that knocked me off my chair! It's called Down, featuring none other than rapper Fat Jo. My favorites off the album are, La Musica No Se Toca,  Se Vende, Camino a Casa, Para Decirle Adios, which has the most beautiful sting orchestrations, and Down, featuring Fat Jo.

1. La Musica No Se Toca
2. Yo Te Traigo
3. No Me Compares
4. Llamando A La Mujer Accion
5. Mi Marciana
6. Camino de Rosas
7. Se Vende
8. Como Decir Sin Andar Diciendo
9. Camino a Casa
10. Nena
11. Baila Con Vos
12. Me Sumerjo
13. Para Decirle Adios
14. Down (Bonus Track)

What can I say about Alex Cuba other than the obvious?  Pandora's Caja had the great pleasure of interviewing Alex a few months ago (Alex Cuba, Sin Definicion) in anticipation of his 5th studio album Ruido en el Systema. Alex is an artist that by his inherent artistic nature cannot be labeled. Yes, he's Latin, yes he sings in Spanish, but he also sings in English, and his music is as multifaceted and colorful as a kaleidoscope. What ever your flavor, you'll find on this album. From ballads, to pop, to rock, it's all here...and it's flawless.

My picks for this album?  Suspiro en Falsete, Nadie Como Tu (Featuring Nelly Furtado), Lo Mejor para Mi, Are You, and my top pick for the album is Creo.

Ruido en el Systema has 14 tracks, and non of them will leave you wanting:

1. Sin un Porque
2. Suspiro en Falsete
3. Por Donde Vas
4. Eres
5. Nadie Como feat. Nelly Furtado
6. Lo Mejor Para Mi
7. Ruido en El Sistema
8. Como Si Nada
9. Tu Nombre
10. Todo en La Vida
11. Are You
12. Creo
13. Rompecabezas
14. Unanime.

Alex is currently in the midst of a non-stop tour in Canada and the US. The tour dates for November are as follows:
November 2 2012Ottawa, ONNational Arts Centre, 07:30pm 
November 3 2012Ottawa, ONNational Arts Centre, 07:30pm 
November 4 2012Burnstown Neat Coffee Shop , 08:00pm 
November 7 2012New York, NYSOBs, 09:00pm 
November 9 2012Toronto, CanadaKeorner Hall, 08:00pm 
November 10 2012Peterborough, ONMarket Hall, 08:00pm 
November 13 2012BirminghamThe Nick, 09:00pm 
November 14 2012Memphis, TNHard Rock Cafe, 08:00pm 
November 16 2012Houston, TXMcGonigel, 06:30pm 
November 17 2012New Orleans, LAThe Howlin, 08:00pm 
November 18 2012Austin, TX, USACactus Cafe, 07:30pm 
November 22 2012AugsburgSpectrum, 10:00pm
November 23 2012HannoverJazz Club, 08:00pm 
November 24 2012FrankfurtBrotfabrik, 09:00pm 
November 26 2012KasselTheaterstuebchen, 09:00pm 
November 27 2012BonnHarmonie, 08:00pm 
November 30 2012MindenJazz Club, 08:00pm

For additional tour dates and ticket information see the official website at



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