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Nico Dei Gabbiani

Nico e i Gabbiani was an Italian music group created in Sicily in the 1960's. The members were lead singer Nico Tirone born in Sambuca, Agrigento on September 18, 1944, Giulio Prestigiacomo bornon September 15,1941 in Carini, Palermo, Franco Mannino born on June 26, 1944 in Carini, Palermo, Vito Balsamo born on October 2, 1945 in Carini, Sicily, and Vick Cataldo born on October 20, 1947 in Carini Palermo.

All of the members of the group, except for Nico were students. Nico had a doctorate degree, and was a school teacher. He was actually a shy person, but his best friend who happened to be in the group Los Gigantes, pushed him to get on stage. The group performed at the festivals in Italy, and even at an antique shop in Palermo. Traina offered to be their manager making them play in Sicily, and gave them a contract with a small record label company in Milan. The group recorded their first 45, with the typical sounds, and they were judged to be very uninteresting. In 1967, a short time after, people began listening to side B, called "Parole" ("Words") and a few thousand copies were exhaustedly copied by the City, and sold mostly in Sicily. The song on side B made it to The Hit Parade, and the Lelio Luttazzi promised the song would be reign by end of the year. It sold over a million copies, and went to Gold status.

The group was then discovered from the Ariston, and began failing to repeat their success. They did release two more hits in 1968, and 1969, but after their last show in Courmayeur on December 31, 1969, the group separated, and their lead singer, Nico took an absence for some time began a very successful career as a solo artist. He went by the name of Nico Dei Gabbiani. (Nico of the Gabbiani).

 In 1971, Nico passed the CGD, with the 45 public. He released the well known song "Cento Campagno" ("Hundred Bells") which was written by Fiorenzo Fiorentini and Romolo Grano. Although the song sold enough copies, it didn't make it into the Hit Parade. Singer Lando Fiorini re recorded it, and made it to the Hit Parade. Nico released another song, "Un Raggio di Solo" ("A Ray of Sunshine") was the Italian version of a successful Sheila in 1969 already taken by Los Diablos (The Devils), and the French singer Delphine went unnoticed.

Nico then changed record labls, Island Records, owned by Tony Ranno, and member of Dei Beans (The Beans).

 In 1975, Nico took part in the San Remo Festival with the song "Lo Credo" ("I Think"). He became very successful in South America, as well as in the United States. Nico recorded an album in Spanish, and it was played over the Spanish airways. Nico also did some acting.

Nico then signed to Five Record in the early '80. In 1984 his song, "Amarsi" ("Loving") became a symbol of the Soap Opera "Sientieri" ("Paths") and reached Gold status. He then began to take part in "Ed Inizia Ad Occuparsi Dell'Organizzazione Di Spettacoli. He released many successful songs, and they reached gold, and platinum status.
Nico was a guest on many television programs, and still toured successfully until November 2011. He was asked to return in January 2012 for more shows.  Despite what the media said, he was unaware that he had cancer until January 2012. He thought he had Bronchitis, and still wasn't feeling well. That's when he learned about his illness. He released his final album, Magnetico in April of 2012, and passed away the next day.  Nico was married, and had 3 daughters, and grandchildren.
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