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Filippo Neviani, better known as Nek is an Italian singer/songwriter born in Sassuolo, Italy, on January 6, 1972.

At the age of nine, Nek began playing both guitar, and drums. In the 1980's, he formed a band called Winchester, and they began playing in small clubs.

In 1991, he won second place at the Castrocaro Festival which was a major promotional opportunity for emerging artists.

In 1993, Nek came in third at the Sanremo Music Festival, in the New Talents category. (The Sanremo Festival is a major annual musical festival held in Sanremo, Italy with the biggest stars, and lots of new talent, similar to Vina Del Mar in Chile).

Many of Nek's albums had songs performed at Italian festivals, and won second or third place until the album Lei, Gli Amici e Tutto il Resto (His/Her Friends. and All the Rest) in 1997. He performed a song called Laura Non C'e' (Laura's Not Here), at Sanremo in the Star category, and although the song sparked enthusiasm, it failed to win the Festival. The song however, went on to be the biggest hit of the year, and boosted album sales. The album went platinum 6 times, selling over 600,000 in Italy alone. Nek also took part in the Festivalbar with the song "Sei Grande", and debuted on the European market, garnering positive reviews in Spain, Portugal, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, and Sweden. The album went on to sell an additional 2 million copies worldwide. Nek's album was published throught Latin America (with a Spanish version of the album) including Brazil, Peru, and Colombia, earning him Gold in Argentina, and in Mexico, and he became an international artist.

 On July 9, 1998, he received the IFPI award in Brussels for having sold over a million copies of his previous album. Nek's next album, In Due, released in 1998 was also successful. It was released in Europe, Latin America, and Japan. His single Se Io non Avessi Te (If I Didn't Have You) ranked high on the charts for over 4 months which went Platinum in many countries. Nek reached the top 20 on the charts with two albums at the same time, and toured Italy, Europe, and Latin America.

Over the next years, Nek went on to continue releasing many successful albums, and had new management, Dado Parisini (the team behind singer Laura Pausini).

Nek released a greatest hits album Best of Nek L'anno Zero in 2003-2004 of 10 years of his music in Italian, and in Spanish. He also released new singles on that album. The album sold over 250 copies, in Italy alone, and reached the top of the charts for 27 weeks. For 13 of the weeks, it was in the Top 10. In 2004, he released a very successful duet with singer Laura Pausini called Tan Solo Tu.

In 2005, he relaesed the album Una Parte Di Me (A Part of Me) in both English, and Spanish. His single Lascia Che Io Sia (Para Ti Seria) ranked high in the charts in for 20 weeks, and was Italy's Top 10 for one year. Nek won the Festibar that year with that song. The album sold over 200,000 copies, staying in the Top Fifty for over 50 weeks. In November 2005, the arena tour to promote the new album debuted at the Milan Forum with a sold out show, and went on to match the same achievement in every major Italian city.

In 2006-2007, Nek released Nella stanza 26, (En El Cuarto 26, In Room 26) which also climbed Italy's Top 10 charts. In July of 2007, Nek received the prestigious "Premio Lunezia" for "Poetry in Music". This Italian award is given to the most successful and appreciated singer–songwriter.
In the summer 2007 Nek recorded the song "Para Ti Sería..." (Spanish version of 2005's hit "Lascia Che Io Sia..."). The song was included in the re-edition of En el cuarto 26 and the single reached #1 in the Spanish download charts (more than 250,000 downloads), holding this position for several weeks.

Nek released a duet with Craig David which is on his 10th album.
In 2010, Nek released his 2nd Greatest Hits with 20 years of his music, E Da Qui. This album also contained three unpublished songs, and 3 songs song live at his summer tour.
In 2011, he sang a duet with L'Aura, her re-release of "Eclissi Del Cuore", the Italian version of the 80's song Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Taylor.

On April 16, 2013, Nek released his latest album available on Itunes called Nek, Felippo Neviani:

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