Friday, May 17, 2013

Nolan Miller


Nolan Miller was born on January 8, 1933 in Burkburnett Texas, and was the third of five children.
When Nolan was in Junior High, he developed a huge passion for movies, and wanted to design costumes for the stars. This became his lifelong ambition, and he never wanted to do anything else.
After high school, he began working in oil fields in Texas, and in Louisiana.

Nolan's family eventually moved to San Bernadino, California, and he studied design at California Institute of the Arts.

Nolan wasn't able to find work in the entertainment industry, so he began working in a floral shop in Beverly Hills. He then met Aaron Spelling, a producer who hired Nolan to design clothes for film, which began Nolan's career, creating fashion for celebrities.

Nolan received 6 Emmy nominations from 1983-87 for his work. He won an Emmy in 1984, for his work on Dynasty for outstanding costume design. Nolan's Dynasty creations were so popular, that Dynasty created it's own line of haute couture clothing for women, which was based on the clothing worn by Joan Collins, Linda Evans, and Diahann Caroll and eventually created a line for men.

Nolan also designed for many other series, including Soap, and The Colby's (spinoff of Dynasty), Fantasy Island, Charlies Angels, and The Love Boat.

Nolan maintained his career as a private couturier in Beverly Hills for clients such as Sofia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, and Joan Collins, and many others. He also designed a jewelry collection for 2 decades. Nolan has even designed gowns for Matel's Barbie doll.

Nolan Miller was a great inspiration for many. He was the creator of glamour, class, and sophistication.

Nolan battled lung cancer, for several years. He passed away in his home in California, on June 6, 2012 at the age of 79.
A few of Nolan's gowns:


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