Friday, May 24, 2013

Jerome Alexander


Jerome Alexander is a well known legendary, international celebrity makeup artist, and haircare expert with over 40 years of experience in the beauty industry.

Jerome began his career selling color cosmetics to put himself through school. Instead of using the typical "salesman" approach, he decided to teach which products to buy, and how to use them.

In the 1960's wigs became the great phenomena, and he decided to put cosmetics on hold. Jerome thought he could improve the wigs that women wore, and soon his name became the haute couture of wigs, and hairpieces.
Jerome wrote a book published by Simon, and Schuster called "Looking Beautiful With Wigs."

The media also noticed Jerome's impeccable taste in dressing, and he was put on The International Best Dressed List.

In 1976, Jerome returned to the cosmetics world, with a company that bared his name, and changed the way women wore makeup. Jerome introduced women to professional brushes, sponges, and applicators that were once only available to professionals. Jerome gave women the chance to achieve the results promised by other companies for the first time.

Jerome has always been an educator in the beauty business, and every kit contained a booklet with detailed instructions for achieving the best results.

Jerome then came up with the concept of coordinating makeup in kits. The Beauty Press named Jerome as "The Man Behind the Makeup. "  He also created a makeup workbook, called "How To Be Your Own Makeup Artist", published by Harper, and Row. The workbook gives Jerome's step by step details on how to apply makeup, and the critics hailed it as "One of the best, most complete works on the subject of makeup".

While running his company, and making appearances on live shopping channels, as well as doing infomercials, and traveling the world, Jerome continued his role as educator. Jerome continues to put his expertise, and experience into each of his products, which keeps him apart from the competition.

Jerome's seminars have always been in demand, and he has made many appearances at department stores, large halls, and stadiums filled with thousands of professional cosmetologists. He has also made regular appearances on talk shows which his makeup methods were seen by women around the world. Jerome has been the "beauty expert" for many national shows, including "The Mike Douglas Show", "Hour Magazine", "Attitudes", and for many years "Live With Regis, and Kathy Lee".

In 1988, USA Network syndicated Jerome's show nationally. It was called "The Makeover with Jerome Alexander".

Jerome has hundreds of beauty products still being sold wholesale, and retail around the nation.

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