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Christian Dior was an iconic fashion designer born in northern France on January 21, 1905.

When Christian was a child, his family moved to Paris. He was passionate about art, and wanted to become an architect, but his father wanted him to study political science. In 1925, he enrolled in École des Sciences Politiques, with an understanding that he would work as a diplomat.

In 1928, after graduation, Christian decided to open a small art gallery with money his father lent him with the condition that he wouldn't use the family name above the door. His gallery had work from notable artists such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Broque, Jean Cocteau, and Max Jacob.

In 1931, Christian was forced to close his gallery due to the deaths of both his older brother, and mother, as well as the financial collapse of his father's business.

Christian began selling his sketches, and in 1935, worked as an illustrator for a magazine called Figaro Illustré.

Years later, Christian was hired as a design assistant by Paris couturier Robert Piguet.

During WWII, Christian served as an officer in the French Army.

In 1940, he returned to Paris, where he was soon hired by couturier Lucien Lelong, where they dressed the wives of both the Nazi, and the French Collaborators.

On December 16, 1946, Christian founded his fashion house, which was backed by cotton fabric magnate, Marcel Boussac. Christian released his first collection in early 1947 called Carolle, (flower petals). He was a master of creating shapes, and silhouettes, and was quoted saying "I have designed flower women." His clothing gave his models a curvaceous form. Women protested his designs because they covered up their legs, which they weren't used to, due to limitations on fabric from the past.

Eventually, the "New Look" revolutionized women's dress, and re-established Paris as the center of the fashion world post WWII.

Christian Dior passed away on October 23, 1957, while on vacation in Montecatini, Italy at the age of 52.

Today, Christian's line is still available around the world, and has expanded to skin care, cosmetics, accessories, and even a line for babies.

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