Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Alejandro Sanz....A Man Of The People

I have said in previous posts that it's my opinion that Alejandro Sanz is a man of the people. He has created a symbiotic relationship between where he sees a need in the world and how he can use his God given musical talents to help in any way that he can. 
There aren't too many celebrities that I would like to sit down and have a real conversation with, but Alejandro would be one of them.I think that it would be incredible to not only speak to him of his music, but to simply listen to him talk about life, the world and what he perceives his place to be in it.
As for me...when this album is release I'm going to jump right on it. Not just because I enjoy Alejandro's music, but because I know that in some small way I'm helping someone to help someone else.


Article translation by Candela Spirit

"Alejandro Sanz Is Working On An Album To Benefit Africans

Alejandro Sanz continues his selfless work and now seeks to help Africa's poorest areas by recording an album.

The Spanish singer wanted to share his experience with all his Twitter followers and confessed: "Africa is unique. Music Without Borders is unique.  The people, the patients are so brave, they have amazing strength. "

Once again Sanz has turned to social networks to confirm that he has started recording the album for Doctors Without Borders in which two luxurious partners are collaborating with him: "Today we started the album project for Music Without Borders with my friends and colleagues Antonio Carmona and Javier Limón ", published by the artist on Twitter.

Antonio Carmona

Javier Limon

Since he released the news, all of his fans have expressed great surprise and are looking forward to hearing the first chords of these songs very closely.


Candela said...

Alejandro has a huge heart! I love his music but his sense of humanity has won me over! Great blog!

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