Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ricky Martin releases new album today 02/01/2011 Music + Soul + Sex

The day we have all been waiting for is here ladies; Ricky Martin’s album finally came out today! The very first thing I did this morning was log onto and search for Ricky Martin’s new album. And to my surprise not only was I able to read a great article in which Ricky’s fan got to ask him a lot of great questions, but guess what? They had a link which lets you listen to the entire album, yes my girls; I was in pure Ricky heaven!!! I swear that when I heard the first song called "Mas" (More) I felt great excitement come over me and at the same time I felt a lot of happiness for Ricky Martin.

This past year has been very important and hard for Ricky as he made the huge decision of telling the world that he is a homosexual man. He also wrote a book entitled "Me” in which he writes his memoirs and tells us about his life from the time he was a little boy until today. I read his book and was totally inspired by his big heart and in those pages, I discovered a different Ricky Martin from the one I already knew. Ricky is a very sensitive person, a man who puts his family above all, an exemplary father, but most of all a human being who laughs, cries, and hurts when he sees and feels injustice. This new album has 13 beautiful songs which Ricky sings with his soul. I found a lot of passion, great energy, and a lot of truth in the lyrics of his new songs.

Don’t forget that Ricky Martin begins his tour Music, Soul, and Sec on March 25th in his native land Puerto Rico, and from there will travel to Miami, the rest of the United States and then Mexico. By the summer of 2011 his tour will arrive in Europe, Asia, and then return to Latin America. I look forward to buying my ticket for his concert because after hearing these new amazing new songs I have no doubt that Ricky will give us an unforgettable show!

I ask you to celebrate together with Ricky this new phase of his life where he feels happy, free, and above all complete!

Below are some of the questions posted by Ricky’s fans on and if you want to read the full article please go to:

Rosyrm, México, DF.
What would be the one thing that would make you want to retire from this career? Mmmm, no.... It has never crossed my mind to leave my career, neither as an actor or musician.

Gordi, Texas.
If you had the power to change one thing in your life, what would it be?
Nothing, absolutely nothing. I don’t have any regrets, none whatsoever.

Místico, Venezuela
Which are the qualities that you admire most in a person, and what negative things do you dislike? Arrogance, it's ugly, I don’t like it. Arrogance comes from insecurity. You must be insecure in order to be arrogant. I feel rejection towards it, it’s a chemical thing. And what I like in a person is for them to be spontaneous, a free soul, with a sense of humor. I like intelligence.

Portocristo, Islas Baleares, España
Which song, yours or from another artist, defines this moment in your life? Basta Ya (Enough Already)

This is the link where you will fall in love with Ricky Martin’s new album. You can download the album on iTunes or buy it exclusively at Target stores. Listen to all the songs because each one has a very beautiful and powerful message. Enjoy!

Peace and Love!

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