Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shakira and Alejandro Sanz, Una Memoria Sensual

I've always known that the very name Shakira is synonymous for "Sexy". From the very moment she exploded onto the music scene she's been acknowledged for moves that would make a lesser woman cry for a chiropractor, rivaled only, in the opinion of some by Beyonce. Alejandro Sanz on the other hand I have only ever thought of as the romantic balladeer, who could woo you with his dark, smokey tenor voice....but the other day I saw an old video of a duet between Shakira and Alejandro Sanz that not only confirmed her sexy, but showed me a side of Alejandro that until then I didn't know existed.

The duet is a song titled, "La Tortura" (Torture) The lyrics are no different than many romantic duets...but the video on the other hand puts an entirely different spin on things. In my opinion Shakira is one of the few female artists out there that could coax Alejandro into giving us a glimpse of his, "hidden sensualidad". It indeed is a pleasant surprise. It made me steamy as Shakira can be if there was one Latin male artist that could be a match for her and maybe even help her find new heights of "sexy".....there can be only one answer to that question...*WINK*.....anyway I digress.

I think it only apropos that since both Shakira has been nominated for a Premio Lo Nuestro Award and Alejandro Sanz has been nominated for both a Premio Lo Nuestro and a Grammy Award,  that we take a quick look back at this incredible duet.

"The music video for "La Tortura", directed by Michael Haussman, has a simple plot: from his new girlfriend's apartment, Sanz spies on Shakira as she is walking down the street holding a bag of onions on her way to her own apartment, which is on the other side of the street from Sanz' girlfriend's apartment. When Shakira enters her apartment, she changes clothes. From that moment on, Sanz remembers things the two had done in the past as a couple, while Shakira reveals her alter-ego dancing erotically on the building's roof, covered with black paint. The choreography of the music video was made by Jamie King and Shakira herself.
The music video is in itself somewhat notable, as it was the first time MTV showed a whole episode of their Making the Video series in another language (with English subtitles). It was also the second Spanish-language video ever to enter in Total Request Live's countdown, and peaked at number four on the countdown. It can also be noted that the video for "La Tortura" was one of the first in the Spanish-language to get heavy rotation on mainstream American and Canadian music channels such as MTV, VH1 and MuchMusic as in all almost over world Yahoo! sites. The remix version of the song, known as "La Tortura (Shaketon Remix)", has it own video (also directed by Haussman) featuring some previously unseen scenes. This video can be seen on Oral Fixation Volumes 1 & 2 Bonus DVD."

So with that...slide back to the year  2005 and experience a very enjoyable "La Tortura".....



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