Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An intimate interview with Ricky Martin

I found this wonderful interview with Ricky Martin in which he answers many interesting and personal questions. I love the way Ricky expresses himself, not only in interviews but also thru his music. I think that by Ricky finding his own truth and by feeling so liberated have in turn changed his whole perspective about music and life. He can now open his heart and soul and not fear what people have to say. Kudos for Ricky and I hope you enjoy this awesome interview.

Jorge Bernal Interviews Ricky Martin

Jorge Bernal: So good to see you brother, let me shake your hand again!

Ricky Martin: Thank you, congratulations for everything.

Jorge Bernal: Thank you, congratulations to you too!

Ricky Martin: We are good, we are good!

Jorge Bernal: Is there enough time in a day for you to play all your roles, dad, music, the press?

Ricky Martin: I manage all the situations very well, but I always want to have more time with my children. But we have to work to provide, and at least I know that I have to work in order to feel good, mentally and physically, but we always complain, and feel guilty about not spending enough time with our children, and that’s what my mother and father have always told me.
Jorge Bernal: Now, is it me, or do I see you more relaxed, laid back, like you are truly enjoying this moment in your life? This new album, I don’t want to say your comeback, but it’s almost like the rebirth of Ricky Martin.

Ricky Martin: You can say a “small comeback” because it’s been three years that I have been disconnected from music as I have been focusing on being a dad. But the way I feel spiritually and physically, I feel whole, I feel like I’ve been able to open and close gaps and cycles in my life. When you come out with a new album the catharsis is so strong. I was locked in a studio for a year and a half, writing, presenting my emotions, taking musical risks, and when you present the finished product to the public you feel so much relief (he sighs).

Jorge Bernal: You have just mentioned that you are not the type of artist who shows up in the studio, sings, and later alligator. Your creative process is from A to Z, even to the smallest details like the picture on the album’s cover. So this new album is like your new baby, Musica + Alma + Sexo is your essence of your life today, would it have changed or been different if you would have not spoken about your sexual preference?

Ricky Martin: I think that the fact that I am very much at peace has influenced this album a lot. And I can say that the spiritual process that I have undergone in the past two years has definitely impacted and benefited and somehow affected the lyrics in my music. Even though I don’t limit myself and I believe that everyone will be able to identify with the lyrics in my album. It talks about love, sex, the need of listening to children that unfortunately don’t have a stable home. In this album you will find ballads, the Latin influence, or simply the type of music that you can find in a disco. I think it is a complete album, confusion, I have never been a purist, and we simply have to fly without boundaries.

Jorge Bernal: What was it about Wisin and Yandel that caught your attention that you went ahead and recorded a song with them? Of all the reggaeton artists from Puerto Rico and all around the world, why the dynamic duo?

Ricky Martin: Honestly, Wisin and Yandel brought me a song named “Frio” (Cold) and I fell in love with the melody. I asked them if I could record it and write and add my own lyrics so that it could go with other songs in the album. They said; of course go ahead, whatever you want to do. And I told them that I wanted to do a version of the song with them and eventually we must perform this song on stage together one day. They are very talented people and yes they sing reggaeton but they have been able to cross over to other genres like Latin pop. They are very aggressive, they always want more and I like to surround myself with people like them.
Jorge Bernal: Which have been the happiest five minutes of your life?

Ricky Martin: The first five moments of my children’s lives. Even though I felt the normal tension, like all parents feel when they meet your child for the first time. There is no comparison in the euphoria that you feel and also the calm.

Jorge Bernal: Which is the comment that you have heard about yourself that has bothered or affected you the most?

Ricky Martin: Damm, you should have given me this question for homework, because right now I can’t remember. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism that you try to forget all the thing s that come with bad intentions because in reality I don’t need that at this moment of my life. The calm, the transparency, the stability where I am at right now creates some sort of wall that doesn’t let these things disturb you, for me and especially for my children who are most important.

Here is the link to the interview by Jorge Bernal from Telemundo!
Peace & Love ;-) Candela


Pandora said...

Awesome translation! This is an incredible interview. I love the fact that Ricky is so open with his fans.

Candela said...

Thank you!! I love his personality and the fact that he can now be open about his feelings and his life makes it so much more interesting!!

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