Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ricky Martin in Evita, one word AMAZING!

I had the incredible opportunity to watch Evita on Broadway and I must tell you that this was one if not the best Broadway plays I have ever seen.  The music is amazing and it will get stuck in your head. I think what did it for me was perhaps the fact that the amazing and gorgeous Ricky Martin was in the show or perhaps it could have also been the overwhelming feeling of pride for how far Latinos have come! 

First of all, Elena Rogers who plays Evita, is an incredible Argentine actress.  She's got a unique voice which brings new life and personality to the character.  She brings Evita to like in a very sensual and provocative way and even though she is small in statue she is huge in talent.  The balcony where Evita sings her famous "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" expands almost into the audience to make you feel as though she's addressing you personally as one of her many subjects. Check out the video below and you will see exactly what I am talking about!

Tony Award-winner Michael Cerveris plays Juan Peron and as usual he plays a very solid character and adds a neediness and tenderness to Mr. Peron.  I truly enjoyed his performance and his incredible talent shined throughout the play.

Ricky Martin plays Ché and he proves one thing and one thing only, he is great at yet another thing.  Martin seems to catch the eye at whatever he does: prowling the stage, mocking the Perons or just leaning against a wall.  I was sitting on the front row and it so happened that Ricky's favorite spot was right in front of where I was sitting, to the right of the stage.  He would stand there and watch Evita and Peron and for that moment I would forget about the play and just watch him and yes perhaps let go a few sighs such as "aaayyyyy Ricky!". 

Ricky Martin is the best thing about this revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber's bio of Eva Peron.  I must say that he surprised me with his voice.  I have been to his concerts and heard him sing live, but nothing like the voice he belted out in Evita.  He not only sang beautifully, he danced gracefully, athletically climbed ladders, and he played his role with complete confidence and elicits drools in his suspenders and tight white shirt.  At first I didn't like the mustache when I saw the previews but he even made the mustache work!! 

I say let's take full advantage of the fact that Ricky is now living in New York City and let's put him in all the Broadway plays.  He would fit in happily at "Newsies." He would definitely enliven "Death of a Salesman." Heck, put him in "Mary Poppins" and watch the roof really lift off.

It is my my opinion that overall the play does shows the contradictory feelings from Lloyd Webber and Rice for towards Eva Peron.  Was she a cynical, bed-hopping manipulator who rose to power out of thirst for power or did she really care about her country and had the people's interest at heart?  Either way, this play is a great way to learn the story as it is not always taught in history books, so seeing this musical is a fun way of learning about Eva Peron, a champion for the poor.

So if you have the opportunity to go see Evita please do take it.  You are going to absolutely love it!!!!  And even if you don't like the actual play, heck you get to stare at Ricky Martin for two hours, what have you got to lose?

Peace & Love ;-) Candela


Pandora said...

Loved it! I hope I get to see it before the show closes.

Candela said...

Yes, I hope you is incredible!!!!

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