Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"No Me Compares" Alejandro Sanz new single

This past Monday, June 25th Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz released the first single, No Me Compares (Do Not Compare Me) with a special video mounted from recordings made by his followers for the presentation of his new record proposal.  This new cd is being produced by Julio Reyes, Colombian producer, and Sanz has also changed recording labels and has began a new relation with Universal Music.

Alejandro posted the video of  his new single, No Me Compares, on his official Youttube/VEVO channel.  Alejandro held a contest called Viene del Aire (It Comes from the Air) in which his fans got to participate by sending in videos of themselves playing Hang Man and figuring out the name of his new album.  They then made a paper airplane, wrote down their answer, and released it.  The video ends with Alejandro Sanz picking up one of these planes with the answer to the contest which gives title to his new cd, La Musica No Se Toca, (Do not touch Music) which will be released in September.

His last cd, Paradise Express (2009) was an international success and won a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album, a Latin Grammy for Best Male Vocal and a Billboard award in the category of Hot Latin song for "Looking for Paradise" which he sings with Alicia Keys.

Here is the video that Alejandro posted on Youtube/Vevo...I personally love the video but most of all I totally love the song.  Here is what the chorus says and I will be posting the entire song under our music and lyrics section "Bariloche's Music Box". 

I come from the air that dried your skin my love
I am the street where you ran into him
Do not compare me
I came to earth on a paintbrush for you
That I am nothing like him or anyone else.

You can purchase this song in iTunes by clicking on this link.  I already did!!

And to stay informed of up to the last minute information on Alejandro Sanz you can visit his official website by clicking below. 

By: Maria Tejeda (Candela Spirit


Pandora said...

Love this post! I love Alejandro's new song as well!! Brava!

Candela said...

I love the song too...what an amazing artist and I just love his voice!!!!!

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